Our Story

Well, as the story has it, Mike walked into the Angry Donkey one night for dinner and had a hearty conversation with Holly about his new barn.  He mentioned needing a caterer and Holly shared we had catered a few events in our time, and that my friends was the beginning of our friendship and partnership.  

We are excited about the opportunities at Homestead Farm and invite you to come see first hand why it may be just perfect for you and your event.

About Us

Mike Lee

     Lee Landscape Concrete

Mike was born and raised on his family farm in Tipton, IN. He grew up loving the small town and its agricultural history. After graduating from Tipton High School, Mike went on graduate from Purdue University in 1989 with a degree in Landscape Design and Agriculture Economics.
After moving back to Tipton, he moved into his families third generation farm home, where he raised three children Rob, Sydney, and Olivia. He used his degree and appreciation for the beauty of Tipton to begin his own business, Lee Landscape and Concrete Inc.  Mike specializes in professional landscape design, inground swimming pool installation, and specialty concrete. Lee Landscape and Concrete has been in business for 30 years, and continues to flourish, making Tipton more beautiful each summer. 
With his lush landscaping and historic barn,  he decided to find a way to share the property with others. Mike salvaged a 130 year old cattle barn from Adair Farms in Hamilton Co. and rebuilt it on his own property to be used as a venue. He is excited to share the beautiful location showcasing his life’s work with others, all while bringing new life to the Tipton he knows and loves. 

Keltie Domina

          Keltie and Co.

Keltie grew up on her family farm in Delphi Indiana.  She had a great child hood and enjoyed all the benefits of living in a small town. After attending Design school Culinary school and Oregon State University all in Oregon a career in hospitality was formed. She has a servant’s heart and loves taking care of others.


After living in Oregon for 17 years, Keltie and her family moved back to Indiana. Her Father was ill but passed before they got settled. It was great to be closer to her mom back then, and now today as she needs more help.


Her experience is vast, from restaurants, country clubs and catering, however, her most worthy and proud moments in her career have been catering the Hillsboro Air show, in 1992 Hillsboro Oregon and creating and branding Kelties Restaurant and Catering in downtown Westfield, Indiana where she absolutely loved being for almost ten years. 


She has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 35 years.  Serving others is her truest passion. Whether at the restaurant, in the community, or at home.   After her love for the Lord her most admirable, sincere and heartfelt desires are for that of her two children Joe and Emily. They have been the most caring, loving and supportive part of her growth as a mother, person and have helped to keep her grounded in her faith.  Both growing up to be amazing young adults.  Joe works at Seton Hall University as a missionary leader for St. Pauls Outreach and Emily is heading to New Mexico in August, 2018 to complete her masters in Family Studies.

The journey continues with her husband Joe, Keltie and Company, LLC a hospitality company.   Launching their first establishment with the Angry Donkey a Hoosier Bistro in Michigantown, IN. This hidden gem is literally 30 minutes or so from everywhere.   She is eager to showcase their Hoosier inspired cuisine and remarkable hospitality.  With a tremendous sense of community, tenacious work ethic and the enthusiasm and skill to get it done she will work tirelessly building their team to showcase the best of Indiana.   Coming back to rural Indiana is at the heart of all she was raised with, the people in Michigantown and in Clinton County have been so inviting and welcoming and we are excited to share our talents with you!


God Bless!