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Choosing your dress and wedding venue should go hand and hand

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

Choosing your dress and wedding venue should go hand and hand

The traditional white ball gown of yester-year is no longer the end-all of today’s wedding.

Color and more body revealing gowns are trending for next year. Anything seems to go!

Big bows, little bows, on shoulder, off shoulder…trains, no train…short dress, even textures are going to be the rage.

When choosing your dress for the big day, keep these things in mind for fitting with your wedding venue.

1. Are you looking for an indoor venue or outdoor? Perhaps both?

a. Train length

b. Long or short sleeves; no sleeves

2. Will you be having the ceremony in the same location as the reception?

a. Removable train or tight skirt

b. Comfort for sitting

3. Material choice

a. Heavy sequins or weight of textured elements

b. Breathability

4. Will you be changing for your reception at the venue

a. Will you have a dedicated area for this?

b. How long will you need and how much assistance?

At The Barn at Homestead Farm, we present a unique indoor/outdoor space that can be both casual and refined.

Catering, bartending and planning services available. We let you guide your day as much as you want.

Consider our beautiful event venue when you plan your wedding or any other gathering.

Contact Mike at 765-337-3588 for Central Indiana events.

This article by has an extensive sampling of dress styles for your big day in 2023!


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